Martial Arts in Fountain Valley

Martial Arts in Fountain Valley

Martial Arts in Fountain Valley

“Thank you for visiting our site. We would love you have your family as students at one of our martial art schools serving Fountain Valley, CA. Please feel free to explore the rest of our site to learn more about us. Please contact us to request your free trial class. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope to see you soon.”

– Grandmaster Tom Vo

Martial Arts Training at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo

Most martial art schools make their curriculum and focus most of their attention on fighting. That is not our primary focus at our martial arts school serving Fountain Valley, CA is character development, self-defense, fitness & leadership. Our ultimate goal is to build confidence and self-esteem for all our students.

The minute you become a martial arts student, you join a family that works together toward similar goals whether it is increased physical strength & endurance, learn self-defense, increase self-discipline or ultimately increase confidence.

Here at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo, we respect, encourage, support one another through martial arts. This is a wonderful environment where through martial arts we help each other through defeats and celebrate each other’s successes.

Our martial arts curriculum is very diverse and we have programs for all ages as young as 2 years old and as old as 75+ years old.

With our children, our focus is to make sure they are physically fit and make sure they develop their character to their parent’s satisfaction. There is no point to build a great martial artist that is not a good child at home or at school.

With teenagers and adults we offer all the benefits of martial arts such as increased cardio, more energy, build and tone muscle, lower stress, increase flexibility & agility.

All of our martial art instructors are trained to teach all of the students physical drills while shaping their attitude. With a good attitude, reaching the students full potential physically and mentally is not a problem at all.

We hope you become a Fountain Valley martial arts student at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo.