Our Staff

Our Staff

Learn More About Our Friendly Martial Arts Staff

All our martial arts instructors at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo in Huntington Beach, CA are trained weekly to make sure that our classes are exciting and fun. Safety is the #1 priority of our staff and we want to make sure all our students stay healthy and injury free.

Our Huntington Beach Martial Art Instructors and assistants are all required to attend staff trainings every week to ensure classes are safe and run smoothly. During these martial art training classes, there is not only focus on the teaching of martial arts, we also teach the instructors on how to work with students and customizing their martial arts teaching methods to fit each individual child. There is a huge emphasis on positive correction and encouragement.

More About Our Huntington Beach Martial Arts Instructors

All of our martial art instructors are trained to teach all of the students physical drills while shaping their attitude. With a good attitude, reaching the students full potential physically and mentally is not a problem at all. Since we have weekly trainings with our martial arts instructors, they advance their own knowledge in martial arts and education. With this type of training, they become very effective martial art teachers.

The Huntington Beach Martial Arts instructors are required to maintain their own level of knowledge in martial arts. They also attend regular class and are required to test at least once a year to keep themselves sharp and knowledgeable.

Our Huntington Beach Martial Arts staff at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo looks forward to working with you.