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Welcome to Huntington Beach Martial Arts

Thank you for visiting our site. We would love you have your family as students at one of our martial art schools in Huntington Beach, CA. Please feel free to explore the rest of our site to learn more about us. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope to see you soon.

– Grandmaster Tom Vo

Martial Arts Training at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo

Most martial art schools make their curriculum and focus most of their attention on fighting. That is not our primary focus at our martial arts school in Huntington Beach, CA is character development, self-defense, fitness & leadership. Our ultimate goal is to build confidence and self-esteem for all our students.

The minute you become a martial arts student, you join a family that works together toward similar goals whether it is increased physical strength & endurance, learn self-defense, increase self-discipline or ultimately increase confidence.

Here at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo, we respect, encourage, support one another through martial arts. This is a wonderful environment where through martial arts we help each other through defeats and celebrate each other’s successes.

Our martial arts curriculum is very diverse and we have programs for all ages as young as 2 years old and as old as 75+ years old.

With our children, our focus is to make sure they are physically fit and make sure they develop their character to their parent’s satisfaction. There is no point to build a great martial artist that is not a good child at home or at school.

With teenagers and adults we offer all the benefits of martial arts such as increased cardio, more energy, build and tone muscle, lower stress, increase flexibility & agility.

All of our martial art instructors are trained to teach all of the students physical drills while shaping their attitude. With a good attitude, reaching the students full potential physically and mentally is not a problem at all.

We hope you become a martial arts student at Tom Vo’s Taekwondo.


Watch Tom Vo's Taekwondo in Action
  • This place not just teaches punches and kicks. This place want the children to show respect and have the proper manner. They definitely welcome you into their family on the first day since they know how difficult for the young kids to adjust in the new environment. Teachers are excellent for all ages. I have observe a few times I see that the teachers are not there for obligation because they are very enthusiastic and gun ho when it comes to teaching.

  • I joined with my 5 year old and we haven’t looked back. It’s a great environment for anyone. If your a parent like me look no further. This place is your new home away from home. I get to learn new skills, and get back in top shape. At age 42 I have lost 15lbs, and I feel great. I was very impressed on how they help motivate our kids and they give the kids something to aspire to. This school is more than just martial arts.

  • I love doing TKD with Tom Vo. I started a year ago with my wife and have loved going. We try our hardest not to miss one practice it’s so good. It’s a great workout for your whole body. Master Vo and all the other instructors are wonderful people and I could not recommend highly enough this martial arts studio. We also plan on taking our child to Master Vo’s Dojo when they are old enough.

  • If you're tired of seeing your kid(s) sit around and playing video games, watching YouTube and or lack self confidence. Then bring them here to Tom Vo's Taekwondo in Fountain Valley, CA. It's a great place for kids to learn discipline, get some exercise, make new friends and build self confidence.

Family Friendly Classes

What is a great activity for the entire family in Fountain Valley, CA? There’s not many activities that the entire family can participate in together at the same time, while making memories & having the same goals. Fountain Valley Martial Arts can provide that atmosphere the entire family can enjoy. During the course of our classes, parents can help their children achieve goals and children can also help their parents achieve the same goals. Our flexible schedule and open classes give the opportunity for parents and children to participate in the same class so a family bond can be built through martial arts. These types of memories will last a lifetime.


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Train Until October 1st

Includes Free Uniform & Belt
Unlimited Training until October 1st